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Tour of California

18 February 2009

Ok so some of you know I’m a cycling fan.   Well I happened to be in Sacramento for an AYSO section conference and found out that the Tour was in Sacramento during the same time.   So I took off during the conference to have a short cycling break.   The photo’s below are from that trip.

George Hincapie Tour of California Time Trial

George Hincapie Tour of California Time Trial


Feel the speed

Feel the speed


Don't you wish your quads and calves were this ripped!

Don't you wish your legs were this ripped!


Warming up for the time trial.

Lance Warms up for the time trial.

 So this picture was taken while perched on the top of another team’s van.   I was balanced on the ladder at the back of the van, and the bike rack.   The van was across the street from the canopy under which the entire Astana team was warming up for their respective races in the time trial.    The crowd around the Astana motor home and canopy was INSANE!   It was at least 3-5 people deep all the way around.   It was a fairly calm crowd at least.

You can find more pictures of the riders here.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 19 February 2009 06:48

    Zig – so cool! and great shots.

  2. 19 February 2009 14:33

    Great post, I don’t know how he can keep focused with that many people around. Welcome to wordpress.

  3. zpeacock permalink*
    19 February 2009 14:58

    Thanks guys!

  4. 16 March 2009 09:16

    cool shots. great to meet you the other day, even though it was quick. I’ll follow the blog and see how you’re doing.

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