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Sacramento and new additions to a new project.

19 February 2009

So looking for a little challenge and something to get me off my kiester and shooting more often I decided I needed a long-term project.    As I mulled over what to do, I remembered a project by a fellow photographer Michael Calanan (see Photographer Friends) called Drive-By Theatre.    Coincidently his project was inspired by another photographer.   While viewing his theatre, my brain kicked in gear and I remembered a pleasant past-time of the past.

I have always loved to people watch.   I remember being a young high school punk rocker sitting in the basement depths of a mall, or on the planters outside.   Much of my time was spent just watching the many interesting and varied people that would pass by me.   I remember  getting to know very well some of the many street people that would wander in and out of the city at various times of the year.   Many were very good people down on their luck, a few were very odd, and some just plain out there!   As I have taken up photography again, I felt that interest in people watching and the stories of the people on the street speaking to me again.  

Many times while driving or walking through a city you become captured “In the Moment”.    To me this means that something captures my eye and in that capturing stirs an emotion of wonder, curiosity, fascination, or enjoyment.   Most of the time these moments are fleeting as I am walking past, or even driving.   However they can be very powerful images.  How much more powerful if I can capture and share what I saw / felt “In the Moment”.    I hope by viewing these photographs I can provide a bright spark to your soul, curiosity to your routine, or maybe a smile to your face.  To that end I present the first two pictures to my new project:


Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds

While walking back from the Tour of California, we saw this lady.   It invokes many thoughts, the joy on her face at feeding what many would think of as a nuisance bird.   The song from Mary Poppins.   The contrast of the intense stares and straining leashed of the dogs.   And the generosity of someone down on their luck sharing a meal.


Hard Contrast

Hard Contrast

By contrast, the closed hidden contrast of this man invoked curiosity about his tale.   The tough guarded eyes, the flash of white in his beard that flows into the pattern on his sweatshirt.   The hood pulled up and low on a fairly warm day.   Which story captures you?  Which scene stirs memories for you?

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  1. 20 February 2009 10:52

    I like the first image. The two dogs draw the eye to the woman then to the birds. This image has a lot of leading lines and her expression tops it off as someone who is enjoying her brief moment feeding the pigeons.

  2. 22 February 2009 07:08

    Love your project and am curious what comes next! Keep it up.

  3. 23 February 2009 14:26

    Ahh, thanks for the kind words. I really dig “Feed the Birds” there are some great lines and indeed some tension, very well done!

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