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Just let them play!

1 April 2009

Ah spring, tulips poking through the ground, crocuses breaking their way through, all signaling the end to life as I knew it during the break that is winter.    Soccer has arrived!   What little free time I had is now consumed in training sessions and weekends on the pitch.   Although it is a huge drain on my life I must admit to receiving satisfaction in viewing the exuberant glee of a U5 child bouncing up and down, barely controlling their excitement at playing soccer again.   A match with these little ones resembles chaos with boundaries.  But the smiles on their faces or the fractional advancement in the development of a young player makes the time worth it.  

Hmm needs a little more coaching

Hmm needs a little more coaching

Now if only we could do more to relieve parents of the mistaken notion that their whole existence in life is contingent on the success of their son or daughter on the soccer pitch . . .  I guess it is nice to have dreams!

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  1. 2 April 2009 14:25

    Great “hands!” That’s awesome. You gotta start somewhere.

  2. 6 April 2009 11:07

    Wait… are you trying to tell me my Son isn’t going to play for Liverpool in the EPL?

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