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Miss J in O Town

20 May 2009

So I had the great opportunity a couple of weeks ago to take a break from the hectic soccer schedule and shoot some senior photo’s for a great young lady.   There are some GREAT locations along 25st in Ogden.   Of course if you are local to the Ogden area you must be aware of that.   In my scouting trip and the actual photo shoot we ran into at least 6 photographers.    Below is my absolute favorite photo from the shoot.

It is hard to go wrong with any location along 25th st.

It is hard to go wrong with any location along 25th st.

Of course some of my fellow photographers now tease me that I must now be a true photographer, because we had a policeman chase us out of a location.  It happened to be the first location, and made for a great story and a few laughs later in the night.   Best of all Miss J loosened up afterwards and we moved to several great new locations.    This second location we shot at, had a door that I am determined to photograph again just to have as a texture overlay.   Tell me what you think of the door!

No added texture just some color to the door.

No added texture just some color to the door.

This wall was right near both the door and a grungy rusted iron staircase.   I am definitely going back to this location for more shooting.   I was very pleased with how this series of photos turned out.

Love those eyes!

Love those eyes!

At the second location we ended up with her mom, dad, and Aunt all watching and participating in the shoot.   I must admit I was a little nervous at first having that many people looking over my shoulder.    However, after the shutter started clicking I settled into a rythm and the rest of the night proceeded without issue.   This next shot was one we used as the background for her announcement cards. 

This one actually was picked for her announcements.

This one actually was picked for her announcements.

This last shot was at a location recommended by my friend, fellow photographer, and blogger Scott O. Smith.    After searching around a little in the area he had mentioned to me, we found this great old caboose.   We were afraid the wooden floor might fail, but the lighting and highlights in her hair made this location a favorite!

I want to give massive thanks to the Photowalking Utah crew and other photographer friends.  I was able to use a loaner speedlight for a few shots, received great feedback from many, received several great location suggestions, and had confirmed that they are a great bunch of people.   Sometimes it seems some photographers can get real territorial.  With this group I have experienced nothing but sharing of knowledge and great friendships!

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  1. 21 May 2009 09:55

    Very nice work, I especially love the opening image! Way to work that D200! 🙂

  2. 21 May 2009 09:59

    Great set and write up Zig. I like the variety of textures you achieved in your backgrounds and the lighting & colors are excellent. I echo the sentiments about Photowalking Utah.

  3. zpeacock permalink*
    21 May 2009 15:21

    Thanks guys! This first photo was one of those that when your going through reviewing the photo’s you have a leaping out of the chair “YES” moment. 🙂

  4. 9 June 2009 18:26

    I agree with others, that the first is a by far my Fav. Great series! Glad the loaner speedlight worked out!

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