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Black ROCK!

30 October 2009

Last Friday a few of us got together out at Black Rock out on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake to do a Rock Band photoshoot.   The event was spearheaded by Nathan Marx and included Scott O. Smith, Rob Snow (and wife Julie) as well as models Bekah and Shane.     Kudo’s go to everyone but especially Rob and Julie who had to drive separate cars because of all the drum, and photography equipment.    Julie has written a great behind the scenes post over on their blog.   Scott has a post here, and more pictures here.

A guitar and . . .

. . . a dream!

Bekah (pictured above) is a great model to work with.   She is always willing to put up with our photographer quirks.

High key guitar silhouette

Walking with a guitar

One thing I learned …  I need a LOT more practice with strobist style photography.   While the other photographers where getting out and setting up their light stands, strobes, umbrellas, radio triggers, etc.   I just stood there and watched with a “deer in the strobelight” look on my face.

Drums on the Great Salt Lake

Rob was a trooper hauling all this gear out to the lake!

A man and his guitar

The man who organized it all

A band on a run

It was getting pretty cold by this point

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  1. 4 January 2010 22:07

    That first shot is AMAZING!!! Absolutely love it. Great job and I’m loving the posts!

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