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Perez Family

28 December 2009

The weekend before Christmas I had the opportunity to shoot a lovely lady and her three children. It was an adventure just getting the shoot to come off. We originally planned the shoot weeks earlier but with the weather it kept getting rescheduled. Finally we went to plan B. Plan B was the Utah State Capitol in SLC, UT. The building has been recently renovated and offers some stunning restored architecture for a shoot. Plus it is a great deal for any photographer who needs to rent a location.

Below are a few of the photo’s from this shoot.

Grand Staircase Family

We kicked things off at one of the two grand staircases.

While occupying the two boys with “finding locations” I saw Susana’s daughter playing at the landing. Quickly taking my assistant and lights up to her level we managed to capture this shot.

Sometimes light can create wonder.

Her oldest really wanted this shot, luckily we had a few minutes to capture it before we finished.

Finally her middle boy was a great helper the whole time, he even wanted to help carry the light-stands as we moved locations. But having just lost one to a far more experienced assistant I was a little hesitant. Needless he helped with those things I asked him to do. He is a great young man!

And this is Susana. I met her when my company recently dropped our paid company phones. I went into the local AT&T store to purchase an iPhone. Susana was my sales rep. While it wasn’t the easiest of switches due to a number port from the company plan to my personal plan we managed to get it accomplished and Susana put up with the difficulty I had deciding on a stupid cover.

The best AT&T rep locally.

I love getting candid photos, it seems with candids you can see true emotion and stories more often than with the posed shots. Her daughter had just lost both shoes and wanted them back on, a great mother – daughter moment.

Getting the boots back on.

Finally we had one last parting shot.

In an effort to expand my repertoire of skills I used two speedlights to light this family. Both were set on manual, with one acting as a key light and the other as a fill light. I wouldn’t have been able to do this shoot, or do it with the lights if it hadn’t been for some fantastic photographer friends. Big thanks go to David Terry who let me tag along on a bridal shoot at this location with the same sort of lighting. I pestered him with questions both before, during, and after the shoot. A great friend Nathan Marx supplied me with the radio triggers used to trigger the speedlights. And another photographer Rob Snow helped me with the lightstands and umbrellas. ONe of the speedlights used to belong to a fellow photographer Scott O. Smith, not sure why the Canonite had a Nikon speedlight. I am blessed to have so many good friends and photographers to be around. It is great to know that you can lean on so many people to help.

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  1. 28 December 2009 23:35

    Excellent work. Love the creativity with posing and the lighting is superb. (and wow, thanks for the unexpected shout-out, it’s definitely good to have so many helpful photographer friends)

  2. 29 December 2009 10:28


    Great seriese, love the light and location.

    So the $64,000 question is when we shooting together again 🙂

  3. 29 December 2009 10:52

    Great set of photos and the write up. Another super tribute to the people that make up our community of photographers here in Utah. Though I’m sure others have some good networks, ours seems to stand above others.

    I have a possible shoot that has expressed interest in using the JSB or Capitol, so I may be pestering you for some pointers as well!

    • zpeacock permalink*
      29 December 2009 10:55

      @Jeremy Hall – any time. After doing the shoot I found a few other locations that I would want to shoot there at the capitol as well.

  4. 29 December 2009 19:43

    Great post Zig, glad the light worked. I’m sure it felt at home with you. I’m not really sure how I ended up with that flash.

    We have a great photo community, I’m happy to assist on any other shoots you have in the future.


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