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Sports Photography

3 April 2010

Today’s post is an experiment using primarily my iphone and my new SmugMug account.

As many of you know I struggle with my photography due to huge commitments to both my children and the soccer community.   I coach multiple teams and I am in essence the Director of Coaching for an organization of over 1,000 kids and 140 teams.  This means that most of 16 Saturdays plus various days during the week are full of nothing but soccer.  (Even more if teams decide to go to the indoor, or summer tournament seasons)  It puts a serious cramp in shooting time.

But on a good note it has also given me an appreciation for the difficult task faced by sports photographers. Sports photographers capture that perfect moment that tells a story like other photographers. But they do it in a situation where there is no control of the situation besides your shooting location.  They have little to no control over posing, no ideal lighting, and the action can be fast and furious.  The only factors that are fully controllable is the location from where you shoot.

With that in mind it is a glorious moment when a shot turns out. Sometimes it just feels right and the stars align..  Such was the situation with this photo. While maybe not technically brilliant, timing and providence helped me capture this image.

Cyclist going under a wrong way sign with the number 13 upside down.

Superstition and happenstance.

For those unfamiliar with the cycling world it is “tradition” or “superstition” to wear the number 13 pinned upside down on your jersey.   With an earlier shot I captured the Wrong Way sign by accident as they passed over the sidewalk.   I thought it had “some” humor to it, so I set up to capture the next rider right as they passed under the sign.   Little did I realize the next rider was number 13!

It seems the great photojournalists and sports photographers always seem to capture these moments.   Whether through instinct, experience, or luck,  some of these individuals continually amaze and inspire me.    One such would be Trent Nelsen of the Salt Lake Tribune.   Who has given great presentations at the last two Photo Camp Utah events.  Checking out his work makes me desire to strive and turn my obstacles into opportunities.

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  1. 5 April 2010 15:18

    This is so much like nature photography, but sometimes, you can’t even control where you are shooting from 🙂 Great shot Zig!

  2. 6 April 2010 14:33

    Zig! Check out your sports photography! Rock on. I love the picture (o:

  3. zpeacock permalink*
    6 April 2010 15:00

    Thanks ladies! We need to get that D700 goodness from both of you on the course this year!

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