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About Me

Hi – yes Zig or Ziggy is short for my real name Zigmund! I often claim that Zag is my evil twin.


Ziggy P

Ziggy P

I am a photographer living north of Salt Lake City.   I have always had an interest in photography.   However, this interest was expanded into a passion after the death (of cancer) of a dear Uncle who had a profound impact on me at a critical crossroads in my life.    His life was lived providing joy to thoese around him, and finding joy in life, often through photography.   At his funeral the program showed a happy picture of him holding his camera.   Afterwards I spent time with the rest of the family and “played” with the many nice camera’s present.   Both the joy he found in his camera, and the release I find for my creative desires have turned my interest into a stong passion.  This blog is a place for me to share my photography projects and subjects.    I hope that my posts here may provide you some enjoyment, spark your curiosity, ignite a passion or at least get you thinking.   I would love to hear how my work inspired, or affected you.   Please feel free to leave me comments and thoughts.

I also look forward to hearing from you on possible photography assignments or desired photoshoots.   If you would like to set up a photography session, or just have some general questions I can be found on Twitter, Flickr, or via email here.

Portrait Photo courtesy LookieLoo Photography – Thanks Suze
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